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Clockwork Orange book report

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Well as I was gathering my notes for “Cup of Gold,” and I realized that an oral presentation on it would be really boring. As I was pondering up a way to make my report interesting, I caught myself watching Stanley Kubrick’s “Clockwork Orange.” Even to this day, that movie remains my favorite. After talking to a friend, I was informed that there was a book based on this movie. Frantically I drove to Barnes and Noble and picked up a copy of Anthony Burgess’ “A Clockwork Orange.” Within five days I finished the book and I can honestly say it’s the best book I’ve ever read.

The book was such a change from what I usually read, it made quite an impact on me. It reminded me of my friends and I since the book is based on a group of teenage hooligans causing trouble. However, we don’t do the extreme things that they do, such as killing and stealing all the time. To me the book is hilarious, just to imagine what is going through their heads is amazing. I really enjoyed how Burgess described how Alex and his “droogs” drank the spiked milk and became ultra-violent. The choice of words was very appealing since he used a rather foreign slang.

I’ll admit even as somebody who doesn’t enjoy reading very much, that this novel was written very well. Well to the point where it got banned in the United Kingdom because kids started to imitate what Alex and his gang did. When I found out that people started to act out what happened in the movie, it really made me realize how bad violence really is. Even though the book is fiction, I really don’t see why idiots have to act it out. Ironically in the end, Alex becomes a better person after going through the “clockwork orange” process which helped him escape his malicious ways.

After seeing the film, “Clockwork Orange,” reading the book it was based on is a really good idea. Even though you don’t get to listen to the soothing Beethoven music, the feeling is still there. The title “Clockwork Orange” really caught my eye and that’s what originally led me to watch the film. A Clockwork Orange helps you get a glimpse into the mind of madman and how there are ways to counteract the insanity.

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