Thursday, July 12, 2012

postmodern times

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We are living in a time in which to be modern is to be out of date. As the twentieth century limps to a close, exhausted and disillusioned, and as we begin to enter the third millennium, a new worldview is emerging. We can see it in academia and in public opinion polls, in our pop culture and in our churches. As the twentieth century becomes obsolete, we are entering the postmodern age. Christians should be glad that the modern era is over. Scientific rationalism pummeled belief in any kind of supernatural reality. Liberal theologians, as is their wont, jumped on the bandwagon, relegating the Bible to ancient mythology and attempting to remake Christianity along secular lines. To the surprise of modernist theologians, orthodox Christianity has survived their onslaughts. The postmodern age is presenting a new set of challenges and temptations for biblical Christians. Postmodernism, like its predecessor, also attacks orthodox Christianity, though for completely different reasons. A new liberal theology is emerging--his time, ironically, among Evangelicals. But the postmodern age also presents untold opportunities for recovering the historic Christian faith.

Our Time is the epithet David Wells attaches to modernity and its postmodern successor. Princeton philosopher Diogenes Allen declared, A massive intellectual revolution is taking place that is perhaps as great as that which marked off the modern world from the Middle Ages.1 It is a shift that shapes every intellectual discipline as well as the practice of law, medicine, politics, and religion in our culture. This article will serve as a basic introduction to a topic that has become paramount in every university discipline at the present time the collapse of the modern world-view and its much-hailed successor postmodernism. But what is it? What is modernity and why is there such a reaction to it? Where is the church in all of this and how does our faith relate to this massive upheaval in human thought during our own lifetime? Lets begin with the first question Defining modernity.



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