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Miller Lite Advertising

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Millers executive vice preresident of marketing stated “We are unveiling a new look and attitude for Miller Lite with a year � long commitment to create memorable and exciting � often unexpected � experiences for consumers to share with this great beer.” Moving away from T.V. ads Miller Lite has focused their attention toward other advertisement medians such as magazines, billboards, and sponsorships. Their advertisement campaign contains a humorous appeal, which increases the attention from the reader and the liking of the ad.

The three ads that have been chosen to be discussed all contain a similar humorous appeal although they are completely different. The most appealing ad which is humorous and sexy is the “Dog under the Skirt.” No matter who the attended target may be this ad catches the attention of anyone who is flipping through the pages. Similar to the “Dog” ad is the “Streaking” ad, which illustrates a man streaking across a golf course during a tournament with “Hole in One” written on his back with an arrow pointing downwards. Anyone who has a sense of humor would believe this ad is funny. This ad also catches the eye of the reader because the man, who is running, is naked. The third and final ad is a few guys playing basketball and one of the guy’s jump and his butt is in the face of an opposing player. Not as racy as the other ads, this ad is a funny also, but still serves the purpose of catching the reader’s attention. All of the ads are followed at the bottom of the page with some context such as “Tell it over a great tasting Miller Lite,” or “Best told at a Place called Miller Time,” which conveys the message to share great stories with friends over a Miller Lite.

Through the magazine channel that Miller Lite is currently pursuing the magazines that they are advertising in to list a few are, Sports Illustrated, Maxim, FHM, and Blender. The three ads mentioned were taken from a FHM (For Him Magazine). Maxim magazine features an eight-page ad to show how a few guys had a wild weekend in New York and met the “Catfight” girls. Maxim tells its readers how to win a chance from Miller Lite to meet these girls. Through magazines ads like this, Miller Lites intended target market seems to be males who range from the ages of 1 to 4.

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Miller targets individuals of this age group because according to the beer industry 5% of annual volume is consumed by this age group. By influencing this age of consumer to purchase Miller Lite, the Miller Company has the opportunity to create brand loyalty from these consumers. The majority of people in this group are very trendy, so if Miller can place themselves in the market as the hot item they could win the business of these consumers.

This is an effective campaign for the intended market. The target market in this case is very open minded so there has to be an attention grapping ad that sets itself apart form the rest of the clutter that goes unnoticed. These ads do just that one thing. A naked man, a dog’s nose raising the skirt of a woman’s dress, and someone’s butt in another’s face, you just do not see that type of thing everyday. These ads appeal to Miller Lites target market.

These advertisements also design in brand personality. With sincerity, all of the things that the ads express have happened before and will happen again in the future. They are down � to � earth, realistic, and cheerful to the people who witness these acts and the readers who exposed to them. There is also a sense of excitement with the ads. The ads show friends at the bottom of the page laughing and sharing the story over a Miller Lite in a “get together” type setting. The ads are competent and easy to translate into what is happening, while also being rugged and not to sophisticated. Almost all the ads have a relationship with being outdoors or doing something risky and a group of friends hanging out telling a story at the bottom of the page.

My opinion of the ad is that they are positioned simply and with unmistakable clarity. When you are out with friends having a beer, the conversation is usually about something funny that happened to you or what fun things there are to do on that particular night. You are out to have fun and hang loose, your not in a depressed mood usually. Friends’ hanging out drinking a few beers along with laughing catches my attention every time I see it in an ad. It creates a bond with the reader, which means “I know what their talking about, I do that with my friends when we get together and have a few drinks.” So, yes I believe the position and strategy Miller Lite is using is going to be effective and help them reach their current objectives.

The only alternative appeals that Miller Lite could use and which they do use a little are the Value- Expressive or Utilitarian appeal. Value- Expressive may be used by Miller Lite because it creates an image for the product user. The current campaign now creates an image for the user by having a good time with friends. The current campaign also has a sense of reality and many consumers can relate past experiences with the “story teller” ads. The Utilitarian appeal is also used with the humorous appeal because of the “original low carb beer.” Fewer calories are becoming more important to their target market because younger adults are increasingly more aware of health � conscious considerations. The 1 to 4 age group target are getting into fitness and exercise which is directly related to calorie intake.

The promotional campaign is congruent with other aspects of the marketing mix. Miller Lite is priced competively with all other types of domestic beer. The beer industries price among local bars that serve competing domestic beers are all priced about the same, being within 5 to 50 cents of each other. The product and distribution is also congruent anywhere I have been around town and there is always the option of having a Miller Lite. This means the distribution is widely dispersed and the price stays relatively the same which keeps consumers form receiving a mixed message.

Miller Lite has taken on a new marketing campaign that focuses their attention to advertising medians other than the television. This allows them to better inform their target market of 1 to 4 year old males through magazines, billboards, and sponsorships which are more likely to be in noticed by this target market. Through effective marketing Miller will be able to revitalize their current sales and regain market share in their industry. In conclusion, I believe Miller has made a wise decision to go against the typical advertising method of competitors and their selves in the past to maximize the total effectiveness of their current marketing campaign.

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