Tuesday, June 5, 2012

communication revolution

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One way in which the world has changed in the last 0 years is the global issue of the worldwide communication revolution, which allows instantaneous communication across the globe, especially via the Internet.

Telephones, mobile phones, Internet service providers and computers have developed allowing a new era of sophisticated technology and participating efficiently in the globalization process of the world.

In fact, these reliable network connections particularly via the internet have contributed to a reform in the worldwide information system. For instance, internet service providers and telephones have contributed efficiently to this important access to the net. The internet connection has changed the global communication allowing immediate communication across the globe like chatting, managing our schedule, mailing which the best way to send and receive documents across the world in a few seconds. In the United States, 4 persons over 5 approximately gain access to the web and more than 60% of Americans own mobile phones and telephones.

Furthermore, this communication innovation has developed powerfully by the immense utility of the internet and the cell phones. These technological inventions have modified and modernized several things. For example, online and mobile banking, international transactions, worldwide monetary system have contributed to the globalization procedure. We can consider this prodigious progress by taking the example of a board riding company of technology, Oracle. This corporation is doing in the order of 1,00 online transactions per hour every day; hence the value of the communication in the world development.

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Besides, the enormous progress in the computer and the telecommunications field has played a part in easing people life. Mobile phones became a requirement, internet a need for numerous branch of learning. These materials facilitated roughly the human beings life and comfort. We can today, from our home, be connected to the world, send and receive immediate message or online transactions, look up for the latest events and news, manage our schedule and have contacts, doing research on the net…

Although this communication and computer technology has many reward, it contributed unfortunately for unequal possession of these materials forming a sort of a “digital divide” between the “North” (USA, Canada, EU, Japan,…) and the “South” (Africa, South America and the third world). There is a disproportion in the access of these advancements. It will create eventually a sort of a divide and a different degree of development between those countries.

As a conclusion, the way the world has changed in the last 0 years was the fruit of this prodigious worldwide communication revolution especially via the internet. Mobile phones, telephones and internet have changed and modernized people life style, facilitating transactions, research and contacts. Hence its importance for the globalization process of the world. Whatever, we should be aware that this computer and telecommunications technology can causes a “digital divide” between the rich and the poor. So, can we ask ourselves what’s the solution?

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