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Dell Computers, a New Future

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A coming of age for the planet continues on as the digital world develops into the norm. Children, adults and the elderly all make use of machinery originally used for government and business. The importance of the latest technology is a critical element for any user in today’s society; where modern conveniences help the lives of all people. Dell Corporation has made a commitment, “Dell is building its technology, its business and its communities through direct relationships with our customers, our employees and our neighbors “(Dell 1). This proclamation basically displays how Dell brings a sense of value to all people and by utilizing the latest technology they transport the notion of a digital world into any setting. From educational institutions to business and back to the home world, Dell indeed focuses its efforts to creating technology for virtually everyone on earth.

The schools of tomorrow without a doubt are developing into the schools of today. Many schools equipped with computers and accesses to the internet have certainly made an impact on education itself. Yet Dell brings a little bit of the future now with the introduction of an innovative educational network that is used in Dell standards-based servers. This type of new technology referred to as an OpenManage Server Administrator allows customers to easily manage individual servers from virtually any location. The server provides an important administrative solution for managing Power Edge servers. Storage and wireless networking give students access to the software applications, projects and information on a school district’s network. This notion that high school students and teachers all across the district can make use of technology can only lead to prominence. School officials indicate, since the installation of an innovative school network, students in the Beacon City New York School District have shown improved test scores, attendance and overall pride in their schools. The network is the result of an alliance between the Beacon City School District and Dell. “Technology has had a tremendously positive impact on our school district, and since installing our new educational network...the kids are proud of their schools because they have the latest technology and because the technology is Dell”(DiCesare 1). To cause that sort of an effect truly is reward in itself. Dell certainly receives high marks in this area; however they indeed excel at making businesses more successful as well.

Businesses can only go so far before a realization is made that any chance to cut expenses and more importantly upgrade efficiency embodies a viable solution. As the PC platform continues to evolve, many enterprises plan on phasing out the diskette drive. Ford Motor Company has recently been upgrading their systems to increase efficiency and productivity. Dell and Ford worked closely to resolve the technical challenges. Probably the most prevalent gain and use of Dell’s newest technology stems from the removal and acquisition of all floppy drives from their workstations and use Dell Memory Keys instead. A memory key is just a small device with a USB output and acts as a mini storage device. With these keys the transfer of larger files are accomplished without the need for a floppy drive. Therefore this capability enables companies such as Ford Motor Company and their IT managers to transition from obsolete devices to smart devices that require modest computing experience. On a more recent note, Dell announced an agreement with T-mobile that will make for easy admission for Dell’s notebook computer customers to get high-speed wireless internet for an affordable price. At such places where hotspots of the internet are located, a consumer can log on the internet from places outside the confines of their home or office. This type of technology presents an outlet for Dell with T-Mobile to revolutionize how people stay in touch and conduct business through the internet. As indicated by the General Manager of T-Mobile, “Dell’s promotion of T-Mobile Hotspot clearly demonstrates how quickly Wi-Fi is becoming a technology mainstay for wireless broadband connectivity in places where people already go”(Sims 1). Wireless internet access is just another of Dell’s contributions to the creation of a global union of all people; including the normal consumer.

Personal computers represent the most important digital product in the home. Average consumers desire a strong change to ensure they also receive the best in what the latest technologies offer. Dell claims that the company already is taking steps to give the normal everyday user what businesses and the government now enjoy, which is to simplify, enrich and most importantly lower the cost of the networked home computing experience. By driving industry standards for consumer technologies and services that are easy to deploy, this leads to the move for home end users to shop more efficiently and with less anxiety. Consumers want to connect their computer, home networks and consumer electronics under an open, standards-based manner. As with personal computing, high-performance workstations, server computing, services, storage, and the data center, standardization is inevitable. With standardization comes another certainty; customers always win through lower costs and freedom from proprietary products at unreasonable prices. Dell currently offers thousands of consumer technology products through its catalog and online, ranging from digital camera and MP players to TiVo digital video recorders and wireless access points. Dell publicized the introduction of its own line of printers, the Axim X5 handheld computer, and redesigned a wireless-ready Inspiron notebook. Dell’s primary goal in its push to standardize consumer electronics will focus on the company’s product development efforts, as well as direct involvement with industry groups into developing digital rights technology, media format and network connectivity standards for the digital home of the near future. Mr. Dell commented, “That it would be the development and emergence of an IP-based digital home network that will allow for devices to talk to each other, share information, and make customers’ lives easier” (Dell ). Approximately 85 percent of all Dell’s sales are to businesses and government, yet for Dell to represent the home user as a center focal point now near future definitely demonstrates their willingness to unite all people with the desire for a digital environment.

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Dell Corporation justly embodies an organization whose purpose and commitment to unite all facets of computer technology to all types of users really makes them a leader. There focus on the development and use of the latest technology allows them access and control over the computer industry as a whole. With this type of clout the future of computer technology and all the advances there in seem boundless.

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