Sunday, April 8, 2012

tom sawyer

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Railton has other ideas. He says, What the ending really reflects, however, is Twains need to be accepted (40). He talks about his desire to be popular and give the public what they want. Railton says Twain, in the last quarter of the book, tries to appeal to his readers expectations (407). But Railton greatly underestimates Twains readers. By the time a reader gets three quarters of the way though this book and has been exposed to viscous acts, ranging from lying to cold-blooded murder to attempting to cheat a family out of its entire fortune, the last thing any reader would be expecting is a ridiculous farce involving spiders and inscriptions on the wall and throwing a plate out the window and watering plants with tears. Most readers (myself included, the first time I read this novel) would expect a serious, dramatic, possibly tragic ending. Twain chose, instead, to shock the reader with the unexpected. He reminds the reader, after hes converted him to a Realistic point-of-view, how silly his old Romantic expectations were. While Tom goes on and on postponing Jims rescue with extravagant and unnecessary plans, the reader finds himself wanting to reach into the book, give Huck and Tom a good shaking, and tell them to get on with the real business of freeing Jim. Twain is shocking his readers and pulling them into the story. What could be more powerful and engaging than a first-time reader shouting at the characters and getting frustrated by their throwing obstacles into their own path and playing with the life of one whom they and the reader have come to care so much for--that of Jim?

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