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The citizens of Deptford had many qualities, all of which were shaped by their atmosphere. Their village, portrayed by Robertson Davies in the novel Fifth Business, clearly illustrated the significant impact the town had on its subjects. The community was very conservative. Its’ individuals were unwilling to accept changes and new ideas. Furthermore, Deptford was recognizably judgmental. They displayed a variety of prejudices and discriminatory mannerisms. Finally, the citizens were astoundingly helpful. They not only voluntarily but frequently assisted in each others’ personal problems. Therefore, the collective personality of Deptford revolved around these three basic traits.

Without a doubt, Deptford’s inhabitants were narrow minded. They favored traditional views and values. Those who did dare to introduce change were often ignored, abused, or even abandoned. It was when “…Paul had picked…[money]…up from the table and caused them to vanish! Of course he had restored them…and after a beating and much prayer it had all come out about the cards and what…[Dunstan]… had taught him.” (Davies 4) Amasa “called…[the cards]…the Devil’s picture-book” (Davies 4) and decided that “[Dunstan]…was never to set foot in his house again…nor to speak to any of his family, nor to dare to come near his son.” (Davies 4) It was unfortunate and disappointing for Paul Dempster to lose the only friend he has ever had in the village. He was forced to stay at home and restricted from any social life whatsoever. As a result, he was distressed; and “…when the circus was…[in Deptford]… he…[ran]…away with one of the shows.” (Davies 107) And as for Dunstan, “All that dim but glittering vision…[he]… had formed of Paris, with Robert-Houdin doing marvels to delight grand people, had been dragged down by…[Amasa Dempster]…” (Davies 4) Most of the members of the community never stopped to think about some of the uptight views their town had. They followed everything they were taught without moral scrutiny. In Deptford, “…it was not the custom…for pregnant women to show themselves boldly in the streets - not if they had a position to keep up.” (Davies 10) Despite this etiquette, Mrs. Dempster was still seen in public while pregnant. Unfortunately, anyone who did not abide by these customs seemed to have lost the respect they deserved. The children of Deptford were brought up to inherit their parent’s conventional panorama of life. Their upbringing resulted in them displaying characteristics held by their narrow minded parents. After the incident where Mrs. Dempster was hit by a snowball, Dunstan says “I never heard married people - or any people - speak unashamedly loving words.” (Davies 11) Dunstan’s “…parents always warned against scenes as very serious breaches of property.” (Davies 11) This came to show that the people of Deptford continued to oppose innovation.

The townspeople were inclined to make moral or personal judgments. Their obvious willingness to criticize was revealed as they frequently discriminated against young Paul Dempster. Everyone knew “Paul was not a village favorite, and the dislike so many people felt for his mother - dislike for the queer and persistently unfortunate - they attached to the unoffending son.” (Davies 40) As a child, he never knew why he couldn’t fit it; but when he got a little older he realized that the town’s prejudice was what secluded him from all the other kids. Sometimes, jealousy was what triggered prejudgment in Deptford. Dunstan was envious of Boy’s looks, but he knew they’re “…certainly not from cantankerous old Doc Staunton, with his walrus moustache and sagging paunch or from his mother, who was a charm less woman.” (Davies 111) The shocking part of this is that it came directly from the mind of Dunstan, who was not usually discriminatory. Preconception is common throughout the whole village. It is a detrimental trait adopted through generations. The townspeople also seemed to judge for entertainment and laughter. After the incident in the gravel pit, where Mary slept with Surgeneor, Mrs. Dempster was often made fun of. Kids would often say to Paul “Your Ma’s a hoor.” (Davies 106) This resulted in Paul losing respect for his mother, and it also gave Mary Dempster a bad reputation. Therefore, innocent citizens will continue to be victimized as long as this segregation and hate remains.

Finally, the members of the community constantly offered assistance in situations that presented

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perplexity or difficulty. They provided a great deal of caring and hospitality towards one another. Even the people who were not village favorites always received aid when needed. When Mrs. Dempster was to give birth prematurely, the Ramsays were the first people to offer assistance. Mrs. Ramsay rushed into her house saying “I’ll probably be all night. Get me all the baby blankets out of the trunk and then go right down to Ruckle’s and make him get you a big roll of cotton wool from the store.” (Davies 1) Mrs. Ramsay’s willingness to help was adopted by her son Dunstan, as he labeled himself an “unofficial watchdog to the Dempster family.” (Davies ) He was taking care of Mrs. Dempster after her birth, since she was not fully recovered yet. This has taught Dunstan responsibility. The citizens of Deptford showed regard for the needs of others when they gave Willie his daily baths. It is clear that “…[Deptford]…had a kind heart, and practical help of this was what it understood best.” (Davies 58). Even at times when it seemed unworthy and dishonorable, the townspeople still helped. When Mrs. Dempster moved and had little money, “…a few people who could not bear to think of them in destitution mustered furniture for the new place, without letting it be too clearly who had done it.” (Davies 50) Therefore, the town of Deptford was surrounded by kindness and warm courtesy.

In conclusion, the combined traits of Deptford have had a tremendous impact on it’s people. Like every village, it had its’ good and bad features. The stubbornness and ignorance of its’ citizens have brought about traditionalism , preventing new innovations and principles. The town’s ability to judge has caused a deep wound beyond repair. It will forever hurt the mortals of the village. However, the people’s willingness to help one another would bring about friendship in the upcoming days of this town. Deptford was built upon these qualities, and they formed a resilient structure engrained in the minds of its citizens.

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