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Daniel Lynch

8 September 00


The problem that will be addressed in this essay is what to do about the concerns associated with drugs. Drugs can affect someones attitude and mind set to the point that they become a different person, capable of anti-social or even criminal acts that they would not commit ordinarily. Since society can suffer randomly from such abusive behavior, people consider that society has a right to become involved in the individual actions of such offenders. A conflict arises as a result of the need to balance personal freedoms against the good of society as a whole.

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Currently, some drugs are legal, while others are illegal. The legal drugs are left to the discretion of the American Medical Association, while the illegal drugs are left to the discretion of law enforcement agencies who have no medical background. Public opinion, which is based on relatively uneducated positions, is manipulated by special-interest groups who have ulterior motives which do not serve the public good. All of this prevents the best solution from being attained in favor of the unworthy material gain of a few individuals. We need to take the issue of drugs out of the hands of people like the American Medical Association and the politicians.

In the first case, the AMA is the worlds biggest drug pusher, but since they have the most powerful lobbying organization in the world, they continue to paint a rosy picture of themselves as being helpers who provide medicine. The fact remains that the AMA is responsible for more drug addicts than any other single source, since Valium is the single most abused drug on the market (and it is only one of many prescription drugs such as Percoidean that are widely abused legally). In the second case, politicians create a so-called self-fulfilling prophecy concerning the attitude toward illegal drugs; no politician wants to run a campaign in which he or she counters the conventional wisdom that all illegal drugs are bad, period. As a result, there is no education or awareness being created, because politicians will keep doing whatever gets them elected.

We also need to stop spending so much money on punishment (in the form of jail time and court costs). Throwing recreational drug abusers in with hardened criminals not only doesnt solve the problem of drug addiction that they were already facing, it makes their situation even worse by adding other problems. After the prison term is over, these unfortunate victims will be released back into society, where the problems they faced before will have increased and they will be even more of a potential threat to society because of what society has done to them. This tragedy does not have to keep being repeated. The public must be made aware of the actual situation concerning drugs, as opposed to the one which has traditionally been mis-perceived as being the truth. This misunderstanding is the result of the intentional presentation of wrong information by those people which benefit from the problem by getting rich. Only through education can this problem be solved.

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