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descriptive essay-meat department in a supermarket

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Every Winn-Dixie has different departments. Each one has a special purpose. The meat market is usually the largest department in the store. In the meat market there are three main work areas the meat cases, cutting room, and the cooler.

The meat cases are the largest section of the market. There are cases on two sides of the store. The largest and most labor intensive is the lunchmeat case. The cases exterior is made of stainless steel and white powder coated metal. There are wire racks in bottom of the case, which are filled with bologna, sausage, and bacon. Along the racks there are shelves. The shelves contain sliced meats and lunchables. The fresh case is very similar to the lunchmeat case except for its contents. The case is divided into five sections. In the first section there are small and large packs of ground beef. The second section holds numerous steaks and beef roasts. The third section contains all the pork chops, ribs, and roasts. The fourth section stores all the chicken. The fifth section holds the smoked meats. The smoked meats include hams, turkey necks, and hocks. Down the hall from the fresh cases is the frozen case. The case has the same basic design of the other, but it is covered with glass doors. The frozen case products are grouped together based on their similarities. All of the packages have a thin layer of frost covering them.

Directly behind the fresh meat and frozen meat cases is the cutting room. The cutting room is a very important part of the market. It is cold and plain. The floors are hard gray tile and the walls and ceiling are shiny white metal. There are many industrial tools arranged in the cutting room. There are saws, wrappers, a grinder, a tenderizer, and a slicer. There are tables all around with blood and raw meat usually lying on them. All the fresh meat is prepared here. The cutting room is usually a hectic place. There are two people cutting and one person wrapping during the morning and early afternoon. The workers carry in containers full of large hunks of meat. Then they throw them on a table and begin cutting them into steaks and roasts. They store all the extra cuts in the cooler.

The cooler is located beside the cutting room. It looks identical to the cutting room, with the exception of some of the tools. Along two of the walls there are tall aluminum carts. The carts are arranged according to the type of meat they store. On the left wall there are four carts. The first two carts hold chicken .The third cart holds drop off beef cuts and smoked meats. The fourth cart is filled with bone in and boneless pork loins, shoulders, and butts. On the back wall there are three carts of beef and one cart of styrofoam trays. The first cart holds all the ground beef. The second cart holds beef chucks and rounds. The third cart holds the loins and eyes. The fourth cart is filled with thousands of black styrofoam trays. On the right wall there are two of the same aluminum carts filled with excess lunchmeat. On the front wall there are many aluminum racks with blood splattered white pans that hold the extra raw meat cuts.

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The meat market is a large part of any Winn- Dixie. Each store will have a different layout, but theyre all basically the same. Every store will have the same three main areas the meat cases, cutting room, and the cooler.

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