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the crucible

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in the crucible, a play by arthur miller, john proctor, a farmer in the town of salem massachusetts, learns to make choices, good and bad. John proctor for the most part is an honest and decent man. He is well respected, for he is prosperous in farming. He is liked by most everyone, and is a stranger to no one. He was the kind of man--powerful of body, even tempered, and not easily led--who cannot refuse support to partisans without drawing their deepest resentment. (1044) Althoug he is mostly good, he has some flaws. He is too proud. He decides to lie and sy that he saw the devil, but he wont sign the confession. H says that they ha ve taken his soul.

He is a sinner, a sinner not only against the moral fashion of the time, but against his own vision of decent conduct. (1044)

Because it is my name! Because i cannor have another in my life! Because i lie and sign myself to lies! Because i am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may i live without my name? I h ave gien you my soul; leave me my name! (1118)

John proctor is also called a lecher. A lecher is by definition a person with sexual desire. He has an affair with abigail willaims. If he had chosen better and not ha ve committed adultery, the outcome wouldve been different. Abigail fell in love with john and wanted him desperately, thinkging that he wanted her the same. I know how you clutched my back behind your house and sweated like a stallion whenever i come near! Or did i dream that? Its she pit me out. You cannot pretend it were you. I saw your face when she put me out, a nd you loved me then and you do now! (1045) So even though john proctor is good, he does ha ve a bad side. He couldve changed the way things were and saved a lot of lives. If only he wouldnt have had an affair with abigail, she wouldnt be jealous, and wouldnt have made all of those accusations. Thus sav ing all of those people.

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