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Concrete description of my neighborhood

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This is a concrete description of my neighborhood on Saturday September 0th at 00 PM. My neighborhood is located in Hialeah, Florida between the 00 and the 500 blocks on north 1 Avenue, between Church and Golf Rd.

While walking through my neighborhood, I feel heat from the sun on my face and body. The wind travels in the northeast direction at 10 MPH. The temperature of the air is around 75 degrees with a relative humidity of 40%. Rocks and debris are absent from the pavement. The curbs are 4 inches high and the sidewalks, which are only present in the west side of the street, are 5 ft. wide. The elevation change is ft. total from the furthest south point in the 00 block to the furthest north point in the 500 block where the furthest north point is the most elevated side.

Also, I can hear cars rolling by at about 5 MPH, lawn mowers working at full throttle, and airplanes flying overhead with an altitude of about 5000 ft. The sounds of cardinals, robins, and black birds as well as squirrels and chip monks are also perceived. I hear the sound of tree branches rubbing on each other and beating on gutters as well as the sound of the leaves scratching on each other. Finally, I hear the chiming sound of wind chimes.

Furthermore, I see between 10 and 15 cars parked on the west side of the street. Every minute about one car rolls by. The light from the sun illuminates everything in the street. I see gray pavement composed of asphalt, green grass, red brick houses and black and red rooftops. Each of the house’s front yard have at least one big tree and a driveway leading to a one or two car garage. Every other house in the east side of the street has a city light post in the front yard.

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Moreover, as I walk down the street, I perceive the smell of freshly cut lawn as well as oak evergreen trees and pine trees. Also, dog droppings, automobile exhaust fumes, and decomposing food in garbage cans.

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