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Brothers and Keepers, short responses

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Sometimes we occupy one of the lawyer-client tables, but today a guard chases us away. Robby’s had trouble with him before. I commit the guard’s name to memory just in case. My personal shit list for close watching or revenge or whatever use it would serve if something suspicious happens to my brother. I consider making a fuss. After all, I’m a professional writer. Don’t I have just as much right as a lawyer or social worker to the convenience of a table where I can set own the tools of my trade, where my brother and I can put a little distance between ourselves and the babble of twenty or thirty simultaneous conversations? (p. 1)

The prison guard only sees the color of the visitor and the color of the inmate. Since “ out of 10” (p. 1) people in his prison are black, he is conditioned to see that the black man is contrary to societal order. The guard shows Robby, once again, his absolute power by denying Robby and John a big secluded table. He knows he is in charge � he knows that the prisoners are dirt and can be kicked around as such.

It does not take Robby long to learn the rules of the prison. He silently obeys his master and takes a seat with the rest of the visiting inmates. There are the written laws, set forth by the state, and there are unwritten laws. The unwritten laws are made clear enough to Robby during his first week in prison. The guards can do whatever they please, as long as the public does not ever find out. Robby walks a thin line � he has to comply with the laws while still maintaining a sense of freedom.

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John wants to take a stance against the guard, but he knows that his brother’s well being is at risk. He hears stories about guards shooting prisoners for standing up for their rights under the law. The guard could not harm John, but could easily take out his frustrations on Robby later; when he was shielded from the outside world. John feels as helpless as Robby. There is nothing he can do to change the situation.

. Robby changes a great deal during his prison experience. His relationship with his brother had always been from a distance. John, being much older than Robby, did not spend time with his little brother. They had different interests in life. John was looking ahead to college and Robby was just discovering the joys of spending all his time with his friends.

After John’s frequent visits, the two brothers become closer to each other. They can talk for the allotted time with no awkward pauses. They can be happy for one another and make jokes and laugh. They began to understand each other. John found out that Robby had his heart in the right place � providing for their mother � but had his means in the wrong place � illegal drugs and theft. Robby finds that John was running away from his past and wanted to start over.

As Robby begins to understand his brother, he begins to understand his keeper. He learns the harsh reality of prison life and the attitude of guards towards prisoners. He learns to despise the legal system for what it did to him. Robby, however, forgets that the legal system is in place for the protection of all humans. He has a warped perception of what prison life is like across the country. Robby is a victim, but he is an anomaly.

. John hates the prison for what it is doing to his brother. The prison hates John for consistently visiting his brother � an annoyance in the least. It is hard from them to agree on anything, but they both know that Robby is a convicted felon and has to pay his time. They know that Robby has to spend his life inside a concrete prison.

The main difference between John’s view of Robby and the prison’s view of Robby is his status. John firmly believes that his brother is still a human being and is entitled to all his rights as a human being. The prison looks at him as if he were an animal, stripped of all his rights. John stands eye to eye with his brother, while the prison looks down.

The prison believes that prisoners should have no rights. Robby is not allowed to even buy his own snack at the machine. Instead someone from outside the walls must insert the change, press the buttons, and then give the snack to the inmate. John blows off that rule and gives Robby his own change to buy his own snack.

The prison believes that Robby can be manipulated. The guards are constantly tormenting him, trying to change him into their ideal captive. They believe he is weak, but John knows that it is only an act for survival. Robby has to keep quite and follow along while bettering himself.

4. Robby goes to jail for first-degree murder � the killing was planned. If Robby’s recounts of the events of the murder night are true, then he should have been found not guilty and tried for, at most, second degree murder � a significantly less crime. If he went to prison for murder two, then he would already be released.

Parole is granted for those individuals who are ready to be placed back in society. Robby proves, by being one of the very few to graduate from the prison school, that he is able to function. His graduation speech is a testimony of his willingness to succeed. He says he is sorry, he says he knows it is wrong, and he thinks he has paid his time.

Robby is sentenced based on the law that while a group commits a felony, all participants are liable for all actions. Robby did not pull the trigger himself, nor did he solicit any instructions for pulling a trigger. The man who did pull the trigger is already out of prison and leading a new life. Robby should be paroled.

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