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The Tao of Now


W. Paul Ender

There is a singular beauty that comes when one exists within the moment. Understanding that Now is an existence unto itself, complete in every way, bringing about a peace and clarity that is rare to many. The Tao of Now is a fundamental concept that alludes the masses as they carry their past upon their shoulders much like a beast of burden while striving constantly to catch a glimpse of their future. Denying the moment in a vain attempt to find that ever elusive utopia that always appears just over the horizon, the spirit of man is forever trapped in a loop of time.

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Consider for a moment that Now is the only reality that exists for anyone at any given time. The moment is perfect and without wrong or right for it can be neither, only Now. To Be is complete in and of itself. Whatever the moment, it is exactly where you should be, it is the result of a vast and complex equation composed of actions, reactions, and environment. Each moment is unique and exquisite, never to be repeated. Each life is not the sum of these individual moments but rather a tapestry of moments woven together to reflect an image of each person’s existence.

If one lives their life haunted by a past moment, they created a time loop that vainly attempts to recreate a single event over and over, hoping where hope does not exist to somehow change the past. Even a favorite book or song grows tedious and monotonous if repeated chronically, how much worse when the moment repeated is from a past one wishes to deny.

Looking to the future for the promise of a brighter and happier life by definition regulates Now as being less than what one can accept as happy. If tomorrow is the goal with the concept that tomorrow will bring happiness, then the goal is unattainable for the simple fact that one can not live Now in tomorrow. For one to have any hope for happiness, security and peace tomorrow, one must first find that happiness, security, and peace Now and carry that with them into whatever the future may hold.

The past is simply the path that allows one to exist in Now, so one’s past can not be declared wrong or evil. A past or path can be difficult and trying but it can not be wrong for it led one to today and now is perfect. The goal is to discover one’s self to the extent that events no longer define one’s perception of who they are. Truth and knowledge will free one from their past by allowing one to see beyond the events they have experienced to the point where they see a soul who has travailed through circumstances.

Pasts are seen myopically, with either fond memories or painful experiences that become distorted and exaggerated. No single moment is black or white, pleasant or painful but rather is composed much like a symphony with many different melodies and harmonies. Plato said “to ignore one’s past is to remain perpetually a child” but to live in the past is also to remain perpetually a child. The past is a gift that allows one to string together a series of Nows, each moment was a gift and a chance to learn something new about one’s being, about one’s essence.

Reaching for a future, planning ahead to reach a place of happiness is as futile as living in the past. Concentrating and focusing on tomorrow blinds one to the beauty and opportunities that will exist only Now. Happiness is not a destination that one can reach; however, one can make a conscious acceptance to be at peace today and to be happy in simply being Now. The only moment that one is guaranteed is Now, the only time one can be happy, content, or at peace is Now.

Why attempt to manipulate an uncertain, an unpromised tomorrow when Now is available. Now is an infinite space full of everything that one could hope to experience. There are moments from one’s past that stand out a first kiss, a stunning accomplishment, a new and exciting discovery, or a peaceful revelation in which one felt so alive and so complete it seemed it would be days before one could grasp the entire event, and that event may have only lasted a few brief seconds. Each day, each Now can be that way but no tomorrow will ever live up to the expectations and preconceived notions of what it should look like, sound like, feel like, and taste like. Any future moments that one might be granted will always fall short of expectations as long as one is looking for the future to be more than the Now. If one can not find completeness in today, when tomorrow becomes today, it will still be incomplete and disappointing. Live for today, live in the Now, be wise with each individual moment and that appreciation, peace and joy will carry over to any possible future moments one might be granted. Until today is good enough to be lived and treasured, tomorrow will never be enough.

What is Now, and why should each moment be exalted? Now is when one can act, when one can discover new and beautiful things. Ideas, experiences, sensations, accomplishments, triumphs, mourning, consoling, sharing...these can only be done Now. One has never experienced anything from tomorrow or yesterday, the past moment may have been so intense that the discovery continued into new moments but those are birthed in each new moment. The only time one is alive is Now, the only time one can cry or laugh is Now. Now is what life is composed of. Exist in a single moment and one can live for eternity. Now is forever new and different, full of possibilities that one can not even begin to fathom. Blink, and it might pass one by, never to be repeated. Being alive and conscious in Now gives one freedom and power, chose to be in that moment for whatever it is. Toss aside accepted “norms” and expectations of right and wrong. Decide to live and learn, find oneself and one will find that one can exist beyond and through each life experience. When a moment contains unpleasant, painful or even horrid experiences, live that moment and in that moment you will discover beauty and peace that can transcend and transform not only one’s self but also the events that transpire in that moment. Through difficult and trying Now’s, one discovers their inner self, one finds a strength of being that is indomitable and eternal. When living in the moments, one realizes that they are not helpless or simply a pawn. Living Now grants one power to gain control over one’s self, it is a responsibility that empowers and encourages one to be truly alive in each moment. It frees one from accepting the status quo or falling victim to someone’s expectations of who one should be. Living in Now is as simple as being open to one’s self, emotional, mentally, physically and spiritually while maintaining true honesty with one’s self. When honesty and Now converge, one discovers that they are no longer prey to one’s “dark side”, one can acknowledge desire as a potential. One can choose to act overtly or covertly the moment encourages, freedom to exist becomes one’s ally. Now is the time to act, now is the time to experience, now is you.

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