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title page) Paradise Lost An epic poem by John Milton (1608-1674), focused on the rebellion of Satan and some of his fellow angels against God, on Satans temptation of Adam and Eve, their expulsion from Paradise, and Christs willingness to redeem their sins. There are numerous references to Paradise Lost in Frankenstein, many drawing explicit parallels between the Monster and either Satan or Adam. Some other references to Milton (like the epigraph on the title page) make us think about Gods responsibilities to human beings. We didnt ask to be created, did we? And we didnt ask to be led into temptation--or to be deprived of the ability to resist that temptation, right?

monster to Satan because Satan was one of God’s heavenly children but was ultimately rejected by God. However, Satan and the monster differ in a key aspect Satan fell with companions. The monster fell alone, and the monster himself brings this fact to the attention of both Victor and the reader, saying that his loneliness was the most loathsome part of his existence, reinforcing the theme that happiness lies in close companions who complete the person. The monster is also similar to Satan in that neither he nor Satan directly attacks his creator in retaliation. Rather, they both attack those closest to their creators, inflicting more pain than any direct attack could. Satan attacks God’s beloved new creation, man, and the monster attacks Victor’s closest friends and family members. The pain caused by the attacks on these close companions again illustrates the romantic idea that close companions are essential to life and the peace of the individual.

Allusions are also made that show that Frankenstein himself is also similar to Adam in Paradise Lost. Like Adam, Frankenstein brings about his own downfall by making a choice to attain knowledge that he should not have. Shelly uses this comparison to bring a very important theme to the attention of the reader Man has the ability to know things that make him “not much less than God,” but man should not partake of that knowledge

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