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Frederick Douglas

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Narratives of slavery recounted the personal experiences of the ante bellum African slaves who had escaped from slavery and found their way to safety in the North. Slave narratives were the beginning of the anti-slavery movements. These narratives attempted to arouse the sympathy of readers in order to promote humanitarianism. Other prominent characteristics of the narratives are they emphasized traditional Christian religious ideas, showed acceptance of the ideas of the dominant white society, and they emphasized the cruelty of individual slave owners.

The Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave has all the characteristics of an ante bellum slave narrative. The novel went through all the phases of slavery, the loss of innocence, the realization of alternatives to bondage and the formulation of a resolve to be free, the escape, and finally obtaining freedom. Frederick’s struggle was both physical and spiritual. Frederick showed early on that he wasn’t going to remain a slave. He would have rather died than to let himself be treated in this manner. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, and American Slave is a true romantic novel. The master is the evil villain. The slaves, namely Frederick Douglass, are the heroes, the heroes that had to save this world from being an evil place.

He physically struggled with having to endure the beatings, the hard labor, and the malnutrition. Douglass recounted not only his own beatings, but the beatings of many of the other slaves (often children). He describes the tale of his Aunt Hester having gone out at night (when told not to) to be in the company of Lloyd’s Ned. Aunt Hester was stripped naked with her hands tied and the Master commenced on beating her. The Master didn’t let up until he was too tired to continue to whip her. The master had to make an example out of her. This was Douglass’ first scene of just how brutal slavery could be. Douglass himself had been beaten many times, but Douglass was one of the lucky ones. Douglass didn’t far endure what majority of the slave’s deeper in the south had to.

Douglass also recounts having to work from sun up until sun down, barely having enough time to get all his personal chores finished, while trying to get a good night rest for the next morning. Boys were put to work at a very young age, and they were worked like horses. Douglass was property, and he was worked just like a piece of equipment. Douglass can remember his mother coming in the middle of the night just to be with him, having worked a full day herself. She would have to walk 1 miles to see him, and another 1 miles back home to be ready for work the next day. Physically she had to stop coming. Physically she couldn’t be there for him but she was there spiritually.

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Religion was used as a way of justifying slavery. Douglass recounted many times when the master’s would quote the Bible right before whipping a slave. The Bible eventually became the only book with which a slave could have in his possession. The struggle between “bad Christianity” vs. “True” Christianity weighed heavily on a slave’s mind. Spiritually the slave had been broken. There was no dignity. They weren’t even free to go to the bathroom without getting permission. Douglass was spiritually broken, it wasn’t until he decided to fight back that he got that glimmer of hope back. Douglass wouldn’t have been able to make it out alive it he wasn’t spiritual, if he didn’t believe that there was a divine force that saved him.

Douglass both physically and mentally overtook his bondage and took his freedom back. Frederick Douglass is a true testament of just how courageous African Americans are. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave is an exceptional novel. This book and many others like it were the beginning of the anti-slavery laws, it could be said that because of the book (and others like it) that slavery no longer exits.

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