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The death Penalty is a Deterant

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The Death Penalty is a Deterrent

The death penalty is a fair punishment and a helpful deterrent in crime. People who kill do not deserve prison life or the chance to be free again. If they are allowed to live, they may someday have the chance to roam Americas streets again. Every American pays taxes and they should not be used on these killers by feeding them and giving them a blissful imprisonment.

People who take someone’s life, which they cannot replace, deserve nothing better than death. They do not need to be in prison where they can commit further crimes and may eventually get out on parole or escape. It is absolutely unnecessary for a person to take life and not receive death in return. Families of the murdered should have complete retribution through the death penalty and have complete confidence that they are no longer in danger from that person. The only way that is possible is to eliminate the assassinator and his chances of ever killing again. Another issue is that our prisons are too easy on their prisoners. Our tax money furnish the prisons with cable television, computers, gyms, and many other luxuries that killers do not deserve. What they do deserve is their tombstone.

Many people have studied the statistics on the affects the death penalty has on people. Thomas Sowell has concluded, after his studies on the matter, that the death penalty is an effective deterrent of crime. He also concludes through his studies that any other form of punishment may result in further crimes. Professor Isaac Ehrlich of the University of Chicago concluded from his studies that eight murders were deterred by every execution. We also know that the death penalty definitely deters those who are executed, they cannot murder if they are underground. The only other punishment that would be equal to the death penalty, according to Ehrlich’s studies, is life in prison with out the possibility of parole. Statistics also show that over forty percent of killers were repeat criminals, this shows that the death penalty is the most effective deterrent of crime.

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People who lose family and friends because of the heinous act of murder should be promised execution of that person through the death penalty. Many manslayers are let out on parole and a family cannot have revenge if that happens. Family members suffer greatly from a murder and should be protected further from that person by their death. It is imperative that a family knows the killer cannot do harm again. If a person escapes from prison or is let out on parole then the family can never feel secure, and they should be able to with the murderer dead.

The death penalty is a proven method of deterring crimes and securing families of victims of murderers. Killing is the worst crime a person can commit and it should not pardoned with a lengthy prison sentence that will not be carried out. America should stop killers from ever roaming the streets again and doing harm to others through the death penalty. Killing is completely inhumane and should be punishable to the maximum.

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