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1. The role of an entrepreneur when starting a business is complicated. The person must first realize that he or she is required to invest a lot of time, energy, and funds in order to open the business. When it comes to funds, the person must realize that, of course, there is a risk that they might lose their money should the business fail. Most importantly, the entrepreneur must recognize a need that customers have. For example, a winter coat store would do well in an area that has cold climates. This is also an examination of a persons environment.

. There is a big difference between a product-producing and service-producing business. Product-producing businesses are businesses that get their business by selling a product, where service-producing businesses do not. For example, Pathmark is a product producing business because they sell groceries. An exterminator would be a service-producing business because they don’t provide a product, but it still is something that improves the quality of life.

. Profit and risk are huge influences on business decisions. If a business is making good money, it might decide to expand by opening more stores or selling more products. If it is not doing as well, they might decide that perhaps they should cut some products that aren’t doing as well from their inventory. Some businesses might also take a risk by expanding, and this could end either way. Some stores may not do as well in some areas, based on population and environment. The afore mentioned winter coat store probably won’t do as well in Florida as it does in upstate New York. Taking a risk could also be beneficial. There might be a winter coat fad in Florida, and that store might thrive, maybe even become very successful because maybe they are the only winter store coat around.

4. Competition causes a business to change its policies. Many businesses have to change in order to compete with other businesses of similar cause. Many businesses may have sales in order to be more competitive. At Home Depot, they will match the price of a product from a competitor and give an extra 10% off the price on top of that. That’s an example of a business changing to be competitive.

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5. It is important for a customer to be happy. If the customer is happy, then he or she will go back to that particular business again. Not only that, but he or she will tell all his or her friends about that business, generating more interest in that business. That is why customer satisfaction is important.

6. Small companies grow into large companies because of their success. In the video, Minyard started out as a guy who wanted to feed his friends and it grew into a huge grocery store in North Texas. These companies grow based on success and interest.

7. Companies sometimes form partnerships in order to make the business more successful. They recognize that perhaps they could share the cost of the business, meanwhile they are bringing new ideas, skills, and finance to the business. Sometimes this will save a business.

Lesson #

1. An economic system is the economy of our government, with all the people working as consumers and producers. It must address how businesses are run and

. Capitalism is basically the type of economy that we live in, where we, as consumers, spend money for products. This money then goes back into the economy through the government, peoples salaries, and to buy more product to sell.

. In a capitalistic economy, consumers, producers, and the government all play a role. Basically, producers make a product that is sold to the consumer. The consumer pays for these goods and money goes to the producer and the government through taxes. The government also serves to regulate businesses buy having laws. The government is responsible for making sure that the consumer is treated fairly and safely. They all interact with each other to sustain our economy.

4. People play various roles in a capitalistic economy. Many people serve as both producers and consumers, for they work for a company that provides a good or service and they also buy in order to sustain themselves. Some people also work in the government, acting to enforce laws that keeps our economy balanced.

Lesson #4

1. Laws become very important in day-to-day business operations. Without laws, some businesses can treat their customers unfairly. Some businesses also need the laws so that they can be run safely. With these laws, it probably also serves to help businesses in customer service.

. Contracts are used in the music industry for many reasons. Some agents require bands make a certain amount of albums in a certain amount of time. This ties the band to that particular music label. Some contracts also prevent music from being stolen.

. Agents are used in the music industry in order to provide the artist as a bridge between them and the industry. The agent can provide the artist with the options they may have within the industry.

4. Tort laws can help people who have been harmed or influences by the actions of others. This goes back to the safety of the customer. Some businesses have stores that are dangerous, and these laws can influence a business to have safe practices in their employers and their stores.

5. Intellectual property rights encompass copyrights and other things that give the person ownership of an intangible object. Copyrights, for example, give music artists rights over their songs. They own the song, and if another artist were to try and use that song as their own, they could be subject to legal action.

6. International law can serve to impact business. I spent some time working for Maersk Line Limited aboard the M/V Maersk Tennessee that sailed up and down the coast of South America. While in tehse countries, our ship was subject to international law. In Buenaventura, Colombia, we were always delayed in our sail time by the Colombian police, who insisted on a ship-wide contraband search. By delaying out sail time, we were late to every port thereafter. This affects the longshoremen and those who had to take our cargo from our ship. Our economy is shaped by our laws, so when we encounter laws of other countries, we find that we have to adapt.

Lesson #6

1. Society today is very much about being politically correct. Today we are accepting of every race, culture, and religion. Long ago, this was not the case, and many businesses would only cater to one target audience. Today however, all businesses must allow all types of people allowed to be there.

. It is important for companies to be socially responsible because it provides more business for them. By catering to every kind of person and personality, it generates more business. It also follows through with the Constitution, where everyone is free to do whatever they want within the limits of the law.

. Many businesses run events that attract customers. Some places will have sidewalk sales during the summers in order increase business. Home Depot has a family day for their associates and their families. This shows that Home Depot is a very caring store. This shows consumers that they are responsible.

4. As mentioned before, Home Depot has different events for their employees. Many companies have policies where the employees are valued first. In the video, one company said that the employees come first, then the customer, then the shareholders. If the employees are treated good, then they will treat the customers with the same respect, and therefore the shareholders benefit from this.

5. Pollution control is important for the environment, but companies that employ such laws have a good reputation. Those customers that are conscientious of their environment have respect for companies that employ environment protection laws. This generates more business as their good reputation goes along.

6. It is important for a company to be aware of the community in which they are located. It would be important to focus in on their needs and their culture. In small communities with a large percentage of a certain culture, some businesses that focus in on other cultures might not do as well. Their social focus should be based on the culture of the community, while still respecting the ideals of everyone.

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