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The Role of Police Today

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Jenny Elliott

The Role of Police Today

Law enforcement and the role of police officers has evolved and changed since

the first police department was created in Boston in 188. Today law enforcement is

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divided into four categories. Officers within the Federal, State, County, and Local police

agencies have separate roles that, when put together, make up all aspects of law

enforcement as we know it today.

The Federal government has many law enforcement agencies that are designed to

protect the rights and privileges of the United States. These agencies have jurisdiction

within the entire nation. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, is headed by the

Attorney General. The FBI enforces all federal laws, represents the United States when it

becomes subject to court action, and conducts independent investigations through its law

enforcement agencies. The Drug Enforcement Agencies, or DEA, enforce federal drug

control laws, and the United States Treasury Department is made up of agencies such as

the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, the Internal Revenue Service, the

Customs Service, and the Secret Service.

There are about twenty-three State police agencies. The State police have the

same police powers as city police and have jurisdiction anywhere between the boundaries

and borders of the state. The role of the State police includes but is not limited to law

enforcement, highway safety, and maintaining training academies and crime labs.

The Sheriff is the elected senior officer of the County police departments. The

duties of County police include law enforcement, serving court orders, operating the

county jail, and investigating crimes. Like their title suggests, their jurisdiction ranges

throughout the county.

Local, or city, police departments range in size from 1 to over 0,000. Regardless

of the size of the department, city police are responsible for traffic enforcement, accident

investigation, patrol, property and violent crime investigation, narcotics and vice control,

homicide investigation, and search and rescue. Studies of police work show that a large

amount of an officer’s time is spent handling minor disturbances, service calls, and

administrative duties. The roles and responsibilities of the city police are the broadest

and their jurisdiction is the smallest.

In my own theory, there are many branches (or agencies) of the “law enforcement

tree.” Each branch has limbs (departments). Each has specific roles and duties they are

responsible for. All the agencies and departments together make up the law enforcement

system in which we so greatly depend on.

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