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Religion Paper

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Religion Paper

I think that the most important religion is Christianity. That religion alone has played an act it history. Look at our dollar bills, it even has In God We Trust on it and every other coin or bill that the U.S. has. Christianity is known and very popular worldwide. I would have to say that it is the most popular around here. That is just my opinion and everyones opinion may be different and say that the religion they are is the most important. This may be the most important religion to me because that is how I was raised and all I know. I feel that Christianity is discussed a lot at school and everywhere else I go so that me also be why it poses to be important to me.

People have different religions to help them spiritually. Spirituality helps you have faith and hope in your future. People who have hope mean they have plans for goals to come true. People that have faith trust in their higher being. Theyre comfortable with their future and dying.

All the religions I know of believe in a higher being or beings. They all have different theories on how the world and mankind was created. The religions all have holidays for important events that have happened in the past to celebrate them. They believe their higher being will take care of them when they are in trouble or die. They all have different beliefs about what happens to you when you die weather they go to heaven, be reincarnated, or anything else. Religions have time they take out of the day to pray or meditate. They all have a building or meeting place to gather at such as a church for example. They also have a simple that they worship such as the Star of David or a Cross. They all have different types or styles of clothes that the pasture or priest wear. They usually meet on certain days of the week or weekend such as Catholics meet on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sundays. They all have a service that they learn about the religion and their higher being. They have books and other stuff about what the higher being has wrote or told someone. They eat and drink only certain things. Such as the Catholics cant eat meat on Fridays through lint.

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Religions can be classified into monotheistic and polytheistic.

Monotheistic the belief or doctrine that there is only one God.

Exoteric Monotheism is a particularily persuasive and widespread worldview, possibly because it is easy to anthropomorphise the supreme Reality into an external creator deity, most often male, a projection perhaps of patriarchial chieftains or a parental father into a sort of supernatural father figure

Although literal monotheistic belief may be useful for the spiritual development of those with particular personalities that require such belief, this sort of religious structure is tragically frequently associated with attitudes of intolerance, persecution, and arrogance

It is interesting to consider that materialism and capitalism are in fact natural outgrowths of monotheism - e.g. Lutheran biblical rationalism, the Calvinist work ethic, etc. But still one has to concede that perhaps this was a necessary stage that human consciousness had to go through, for without materialism and capitalism there might not have been the industrial revolution and technological development of the West the last two centuries.

Polytheistic the worship of or belief in more than one god. Polytheistic is a very harsh label to place on any professing Christian religion. One who is polytheistic is one who believes that there are many gods. For example, Jehovahs witnesses believe that Jesus is a mighty god and Jehovah is the almighty God. Any way you slice that it still comes out two gods. Virtually all cults are polytheistic. So one who is in a religion that is polytheistic is in a cult. Now, at this point the good catholic is screaming that I am catholic bashing or I am anti-catholic, but that could not be further from the truth. If what I am saying is true, then every good catholic who loves the Lord should run for the hills with their Bible in their hands. If I am mistaken, it should be very easy to prove.

I think Christianity has had a big impact on America. All the holidays are taken into consideration at schools so we can have them off. They have changed the names of the breaks so it doesnt sound religious but it really is. America is based on Christianity. Look at our money again, it has In God We Trust on all of it. people came there so they could practice the religion they want to. Some American Christians go to third world countries and help them build homes and schools to better their country. They teach them about the Christian religion to spread the word. They will also help them farm and around the house. Many religions have been based on Christianity and or Christ such as Judaism and so on. I think Christianity has affected many things we dont even think about. I wouldnt even want to imagine what the world would be like with out Christianity and if Jesus had not influenced us in so many ways. Criminals would be really bad if we didnt have Jesus.

Many religions fight with each other like just recently, the sacred Golden temple was burned and priceless historical artifacts were destroyed.

With Christian scientists that dont believe in medical treatment, parents are in trouble for not allowing treatment for dying children. The parents are getting sued for child neglect.

Baptists believe that men have more power then women. They are against abortion and homosexuality.

Less and less people are going to church and worshiping their religion and god. They are falling array from the faith. People just get too busy to take time out for church and just dont attend anymore. Its not that they dont care its just they dont have time. It is also harder to get people interested in religion then it used to be and people are becoming more sinful and less disciplined.

Religion has to do with the war right now too because Sadam has different beliefs then Busch so Busch wants to make Sadam believe the way he does and that is how we got into war.

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