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The Piano ~ Scene Analysis/Summary

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The Piano

The ‘retribution’ scene

A fairy skips daintily along the makeshift path amidst the black mud, innocently carrying her message to Stewart � with not a clue of the turmoil about to erupt. She dances along the way, spiriting up and down the strange landscape of rolling hills and deadwood forests. The stark contrast between dark earth and light sky displays her diminutiveness in the situation, a situation she seems to accept and understand rather easily despite her young age. The music flows soothingly, providing a soon to be shattered calm.

She comes upon Stewart. He is working hard � hammering home the fence posts that divide the untamed wilderness. He is tired, but when Flora comes to him bearing a message for Mr Baines a new energy is released. Tones of urgency creep into the piano soundtrack. He stumbles down the sky-backed hill in a rage-fuelled stupor, his axe defined against the cold blue clouds as a primitive expression of human emotion (the interconnection of rage and passion, sex and violence).

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The location moves to that of a dark, dense and choking forest through which Steward strides purposefully with Flora in confused tow. Camera shots cut to his hands, he wrings them and runs them almost painfully through his hair. The stress and frustration evident not only in his furrowed brow but in the very aura that surrounds him. Flora, somewhere in Stewart’s wake, tries desperately to keep pace, but as the scene swallows her whole she can do nothing but follow in confusion and utter bewilderment.

For a moment we see Ada at peace, the warm house, a book, and the needle and thread used to write the message to her lover still in its place on the table. As the music climaxes, Stewart storms in the door, his axe only slightly behind his roaring emotional insanity. The cold blue filtered world outside taints the warm rosy interior of the house. Stewart soon loses the weapon from his grasp but grips Ada in hands that seem to burn with intensity. Words pour from him involuntarily as he searches for an answer, while she simply stares set-jawed right back into his eyes. If she could speak she probably wouldn’t say anything back. He throws her back to the table, amidst the cotton reels which unravel and tangle like the web of events that have led up to this moment. The axe is set into the splintered wood of the piano, a blow and cruel attack at Ada’s only medium of communication. He grasps her by the wrist, snatches up the axe and leads her outside with the foreboding words ‘You will pay for this.’

Outside the rain is falling heavily, and the mud takes only seconds to drench the two as they stumble with their fear. He drags her through the slush to a chopping block, and when she realises his intent she scrabbles frantically in a desperate attempt to free herself from his arms. Her terror is obvious on her face, and Flora sobs nearby as she watches on helplessly. The music, the rain and the emotion is deafening. He chokes out the words, ‘Do you love him?’ They barely seem like a question, and moments later he brings the axe down � slicing her finger from her hand. Silence. Flora screams and is sprayed with her mother’s blood, her innocence forever tainted as her angel wings hang limp from her back. Ada crawls away and stands, and when she turns a look of stubborn calm graces her face � a look like that of a child who has just been reprimanded but still carries their own dignity. She sinks down into the mud by the ashes of a dead fire, she is almost invisible; indefinable against the ground.

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