Monday, October 10, 2011


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Love is a crazy thing. It cant bought and must be charished with all your heart, or else youll lose it. Sometimes love hurts, when your loving the wrong person. But it doesnt matter if their the wrong person because you love them, and thats never going to change. So all you can do it waiting for them until they feel ready for love really. I wish everyone could be happy with love, it can be such a beauitful thing. But it bits you in the ass a few times and lets you down. Some people dont have the best luck with love, but one day. I wish I could meet every single person in this world and let them know, and reassure them that there IS someone out there for them. The real deal. That that person IS the true love, and this cutrain heat ache is nothing mroe than just a laugh in the future. One day youll be glad that person who broke your heart came into your life and in fact DID break your heart. It just maked you stronger and more beautiful all together. You cant tell everyone that your over love in one day. becuase if its really love, it takes time. And LOTS of it. So much you might feel like you want to die, or end life. But you need to hold on. Hold on to the fact that your heartbreaker is happy, and if you really love that person you need to except the fact that you just cant have them anymore. Be happy, THIER happy. I know a lot of people in the world are torn and locked up inside, not wanting anyone to know the true feeling. You need to let those out. LET things out. Get everything off your chest, believe me, when your through youll feel tem times better. If you havent been able to tell already, I am in love, and I need to move on. excepting this isnt easy, but I know, one day Ill find someone that loves me just as much as I love this current heart breaker

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