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The Good Life – Bertrand Russell

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The Good Life � Bertrand Russell

A Precis

Russell believes “the good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge”.

Knowledge leads us to benefit those we love while love leads intelligent people to seek knowledge, so love and knowledge are interconnected. Love is divided into two poles pure delight in contemplation which is love for those you care about and pure benevolence which is helping others without any element of aesthetic delight. Love at its fullest is an indissoluble combination of the two elements, delight and well-wishing. If one of these elements is without the other, there is no longer love. We desire affection in order to escape from the feeling of loneliness, in order to be, as we say, “understood.” We ought to attempt to have the compounded delight of benevolence and understanding towards all the sentient beings whom we encounter. However, benevolence has its limits, hence in all descriptions of the good life here on earth we must assume a certain basis of animal vitality and animal instinct; without this, life becomes docile and boring. Delight, the most emphasized element in the best love, is unavoidably selective and prevents us from having the same feelings toward all mankind. Knowledge is another ingredient in the good life. There is no such thing as ethnical knowledge but only scientific knowledge and particular facts because ethnical notations only influence desire. They do this through the desire for approval and the fear of disapproval. Since all behaviour springs from desire, more desires will be satisfied when there is more love and more knowledge therefore living the Good Life.

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