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It was a cold damp wintry evening there were tall buildings almost through the clouds, but there was only one thing that stood out, the jewelry shop was throwing light, bright shiny light.

Along the road were even more shops, each one bigger than the one before and across the road was the abandoned elderly field.

Malcolm, slight, sturdy, and strong but with a bad memory had just sat down to his feast.

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Down the shadowy stairs across the corridor into the room “oh no I’m late” cried Malcolm; Malcolm was never late he was always there 1 hour early and finished 1 hour late however it wasn’t an ordinary night for Malcolm it began when he had recently been given a month trial for the police detective lineup and he had received his first case he found out that one of his colleagues from the station is involved with the drug dealers that he was trying to trap, so Malcolm had to keep his mouth shut and prove he could crack this case to establish himself as one of the team. Malcolm did not know exactly what to do but he used his time to draw up a plan in preparation for his ‘colleagues’ next move. He wanted to catch him red handed.

Malcolm was now just waiting but he was in a very bad position because he had made several copies of his plan and had lost his suitcase in a jam-packed train station crammed full of thieves and other criminals, that night he had caught a glimpse of the man whose name was Ralph Stevens but he had one of those permanent scars unlike the picture in his profile, Malcolm took this into consideration before making any hasty decisions he had to be careful not to burst out at Mr. Stevens or anyone else for that matter.

Malcolm had to get to the station before Mr. Stevens because he had left his documents including the plan on his desk and he was afraid Stevens would get a hold of them he hurried through the door and there he was Mr. Stevens working away at his desk along with everyone else and so was Malcolm’s work on his desk but how did Malcolm know no one has read them? This was all due to his bad memory and as a result ended up getting stabbed in the finger in his kitchen flat by a teenager who was probably one of the drug dealers; this could not stop him if he wanted to solve this case.

Malcolm like most policemen set off to the pub in search of a drink but he was lucky to find Mr. Ralph Stevens or so he thought.

Malcolm approached Stevens and immediately the hostility began

“What do you want go away” wailed Mr. Stevens.

“I just want to ask you a few questions”


“You’re obviously drunk so I will see you tomorrow”

Malcolm walked outside, it was a foggy dark gloomy night not a sound in the world Malcolm noticed something coming out of the bar he pulled out his gun turned around and shot three solid shots straight ahead.

“No one, not anything” he said to himself what he didn’t notice was that everyone was looking out of their windows scared stiff and that he had disturbed the peace even though he was a police officer.

Malcolm had now a matter of days to complete this case or he will have to forfeit and the case will be handed to another officer meanwhile he has to complete another year course which he barely passed the last time. So it was quite intense for him now.

It was a long walk home now for Malcolm, as he walked home he came across a riot it looked like another pub there were many drunks and what looked like to be drug dealers but he couldn’t tell which was which.

“Oi you come here” screamed Malcolm


It was the boy who had attacked him last night.

“Who are you with”? Asked Malcolm

The boy ran as fast as he could Malcolm was right behind him

The boy coiled into an alley Malcolm was right behind him

The boy leaped over a fence Malcolm was right behind him

Suddenly the he stopped running, and

Behind him were over 10 men each one stronger than the other and there was Malcolm left standing.

One of the crowd’s men walked forward it was Mr. Stevens himself but where did that scar come from? “Where did that scar come from”?

You couldn’t have had surgery! “Or are you Mr. Stevens at all”?

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