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capital punishment

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Capital Punishment

The question of whether capital punishment should be re introduced into Australia or not is a very touchy subject that everyone has his or her own opinion on. There are a lot of different aspects to take into consideration when looking at capital punishment and both sides of the argument can be very persuasive therefore its very easy to be swayed one way or the other. In my opinion I do not believe that capital punishment is justifiable no matter the cause.

I personally can not justify killing someone though it has been a common practice for many years and has taken place in almost every part of the world the need to rise above this primitivist method is stronger then ever.

Biblical views, the probability of loosing an innocent life and the psychological effect it has on society all have a bearing on why I have the opinion that I do.

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There are many arguments that one can make regarding capital punishment both for or against but it’s a topic that needs to be addressed and discussed with urgency because its relevant to everyone.

Therefore under no circumstances can this subject be taken lightly at the end of the day a human life may be what hangs in the balance.

The bible has a major affect on why I think capital punishment should be kept abolished. The bible is a very difficult text to understand as peoples interpretations can vary and the scriptures from Old Testament to New Testament are constantly contradicting one another though I think its still possible for one to gain understanding of what Gods actual view on capital punishment is. In the old testament scripture does say “an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth” these teachings have been given a new light under the New Testament were Jesus says “ you have heard it said before an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth but now I tell you if a man slaps you on the left cheek give him the other cheek also”. Based on those scriptures I would say that the scriptures in the Old Testament aren’t to be taken literally. Its understandable that society in general and especially those who are not Christian that they would find this is a much harder approach to deal with but one I believe to be right.

I find it hard to justify taking the life of another human being even if they have killed many people, by killing we are just as bad as them. Criminals are looked down at with such disgust because of the crimes they have committed surly if we look at them as scum for taking a human life then we should look at ourselves in the same way because capital punishment, in its most basic form is taking away a human life also.

In Genesis 6 it speaks of how God made man in his image by killing any man we are showing disrespect and disregard for God’s creation.

It is easy to understand why other people would not agree with this because after all the criminal did something to deserve death, were as the victim was innocent. Though in God’s eyes all sins are viewed in the same way and in John 75-811 it says let he who is without sin cast the first stone. No one is without sin therefore no one has the right to be taking another life. The bottom line is at the end of the day we should want to rehabilitate these people, give them a second chance. We must look at the difference between justice, where we give the criminal what they deserve and revenge, where we simply act based on out emotions.

Strong emotions can bring about a want for a killer to die so that we can feel like justice has been served but what if we make a mistake? This is another reason I believe capital punishment should be left out of our justice system is because the margin of error is too big and the chances of us executing someone that isn’t guilty is too big to risk. In the past we have heard countless incidents where convicted murders have been later found innocent and have been pardoned from their sentence however it is not possible to pardon a corpse.

There have been too many incident’s where people have been killed unjustly we can not take that lightly if by some unlucky chance you became the one sitting on death row knowing that you were innocent of the crime against you I imagine yours views would change somewhat.

In a study published in 187 it showed that between 100 and 185 approximately 50 people were innocent of the crime against them crimes that would have sentenced them to death. 1 of those people were sentenced to death an were executed.

There are already too many cracks in the justice system and with statistics showing that minority groups mainly blacks have a much bigger chance of being convicted of a crime then the average person the death penalty is too final. I think a life is very fragile and I don’t believe that the decision of whether someone should live or die should be left up to people because I don’t believe we have the right nor the capacity to make such a decision.

Again its easy to understand why others would say that killing someone who may not have been guilty here or there is a small price to pay for an overall safer society but this price is much bigger then we realise, sure we may have killed many more criminals who were guilty but what do we do to make up for those who weren’t? We can’t and it is for that exact reason that capital punishment is a measure to extreme for us to play with. The margin of error how ever big or small is too big to risk because the cost could be and innocent human.

Lastly whether we want to admit it or not capital punishment has an effect on society what kind of lessons are we teaching the younger generations when we say that there is nothing wrong with killing someone if they have already killed.

Rather then developing as a society were basically moving backwards and continuing one of the most primitive practices known to man, instead we should be moving forwards and taking a new look on things re-evaluating the morals that society bases itself on and trying to improve the justice and criminal system.

By now we should have learnt through past experiences that this sort of mentality affects everyone and leaves everyone worse off it de-sensitises us, stealing our compassion and regard for human life. Capital punishment lowers the human value of life, it brutalizes society showing them that revenge is completely justifiable and it violates our belief in the human capacity to change its ways. Capital punishment underlyingly reinforces the notion that killing is the proper response for those who have wronged us, its too naive of us to think that a healthy and safe society can come from such distorted thinking if we think this way about such delicate issues were more then likely to take this approach in every aspect of our lives.

Capital punishment is a subject that could be argued either way for days, months and years as it has been argued since its introduction millenniums ago. Though it still hasn’t been resolved and is not likely to be for a long time to come I think its good that the topic be raised even if we just create dialogue and discuss the situation I believe its healthy for our society.

Capital punishment is one of those things everyone feels strongly about and if its possible to encourage people to look at all the negativity it produces I think only positive outcomes can result.

We really need to just look at all the factors that contribute to capital punishment and argue all cases so that everyone can begin to think outside the squares we live in and realise that these subjects not only open minds and change ideas but also give people a new perspective on an issue they may once have thought differently about.

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