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happiness is free

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You work very hard to get a good education so you can get a good job, so you can make good money. After you get a good job you get longer hours. The more hours you get the more money you get; the more money you get the more things you can have. So you’re working like crazy to buy yourself expensive things and when you finally get a moments rest you stop and think, am I really happy? Do you really need all there things to provide yourself with true happiness or is it just an illusion that material things can buy us happiness?

Some people think that they couldn’t live without all their precious belongings but others would happily throw them away. It is hard to look at people and find a reasonable answer to the question can happiness be bought. Because happiness is such a simple thing I am going to look at the simple cat. Cats have very few possessions yet they seem to enjoy their life thoroughly. They have everything they need to be happy so why shouldn’t they be? Cats have a reliable friend and companion in their owner. They are constantly loved and they can always find something or someone to play with. These animals are simply happy.

If you are thinking that you can also buy simple happiness think about how long everything you buy keeps you happy. When you spend all your money on a brand new game and you realize you have no one to play it with are you still happy then? Or would you be happier if you were out laughing with your friend, for free. You go buy a new movie and watch it three times. The first time its hilarious, the second time its funny, the third time your sick of it. When you get a new pair of shoes you wear them and show them off. After time they get dirty and you see someone else with the same pair. You begin to get tired of them and you toss them aside. True simple happiness lasts, you never tire of the simple things in life.

So no matter how many things you have you still won’t be happy if you have nobody to share it with. If you have no true friend and nobody who loves you buying things won’t make it change. Loneliness cannot be changed by dollar bills. True friends can’t be bought at the store and love isn’t sold in a bottle. You can’t acquire these things through money. These are things you get with your heart, the thing farthest from money. Even the poorest person can have happiness if they have someone to love. Its amazing what money can buy but if you can’t get happiness then it isn’t even worth all the money in the world.

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In a time where almost everything has a price and so much is for sale you start to wonder what you can’t buy. You can buy yourself anything if you have the money. All the gadgets in the world are yours if you can afford them. Yours, are the fastest cars and the biggest houses as long as you can pay the price. If you don’t like you how you look you can buy a new face. If you think your fat, money can easily change that. You can buy yourself so much but when does it all end? With what you can’t buy company, laughter, or a true friend. These things can bring you a simple, true happiness.

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