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The style of leadership that we chose was participative leadership with a task oriented team. One advantage to this style leadership is the fact that when people are self-empowered they tend to want to get the job done. With a task-oriented team, a task is laid out on the table and everyone helps out to get the task done.

Empowerment has always been highly motivating and extremely efficient. Team members are more committed in this type of environment. Task-oriented Behaviors result in the successful completion of the work of the entire team. Task-oriented team members come prepared, ask for information, offer clarification, elaborate on their own and others statements, and provide personal insights. Task-oriented teams divide tasks, share information, and evaluate their own and the groups progress supports. In a task-oriented team members see each other as resources and collaborators. Task-oriented behaviors include setting goals, dividing tasks, asking for information or opinions, sharing information or opinions, testing for consensus, summarizing, providing critiques and suggestions of one anothers individual projects, and evaluating team progress. Through a task oriented teamwork accomplishment is from committed people, interdependence through a common thread and organization purpose leads to relationships of trust and respect. Some cons to having this leadership style might be if someone didnt feel comfortable in this type of environment they may self-consciously adopt self oriented behaviors which can be detrimental to the success of the business. A partner need to be receptive to others ideas. If one is not receptive to listening to others ideas this could cause friction amongst team members.

As a team member, you will want to self-consciously adopt maintenance-oriented and task-oriented behaviors. Self-oriented behavior is detrimental to team success and should be avoided. Task oriented teams also tend to communicate with each other on a higher scale. Participative leadership allows people to grow, to learn and to produce on their own. This can be a great advantage to a beginning organization. It is quite a bit easier for people to motivate themselves and need not rely on sources for external motivation. We will be capable of setting their own goals and making decisions

as to method of goal attainment. Here we will be able to control and plan our own work activities. In addition we will be able to share in the decision making process as a team, everyone’s voice will be heard. The team has confidence and trust within its team members. Before making decisions the whole team gets together and will seek the views of his/her partners. When more than one person is involved in the decision-making process decisions tend to be sounder, better decisions will be made. If there is only one decision maker one may not like the decision or the decision has a much higher risk of being the wrong decision. When making business decisions of magnitude two heads are better than one. In addition it is easier to put out fires with a group of people rather than by yourself.

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