Saturday, July 16, 2011

not fine

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I’m not fine

The pain Suits nothing but fears

Its Forever scared within the compounds

of all my tears.

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You kill me with every stare

Within the hopeless thoughts of every time we share

I’m standing my ground

Within this long path of emotional compound

My Story tells a tale of the pain you have cause

When you cause hurt within my flaws

When I yell; can you hear my cry?

You put it away as if i were very shy.

Sounds to me like I’ve taken a lot

I’ve forever listened to your sought.

I never said i was ready for this trip to hell

But you would never know. I’ve always been in this shell.

The pain is Killing me forever more

This person is looking for himself in lore.

I’m empty from head to toe

Does it show?

Do you have any lore of the pain you have caused

My world will forever be in that moment, paused.

If you only knew how lonely my life has been

You Empathy you have never once have lend

Im a hollow soul within the world

I wish you would just follow with me down the path

For support all I need.

I need that to feed my savage pain.

Am i supposed to mend myself then

Break again?

I’ve talked with you and you say

“get on with it” Then you die.

I’m never the shadow walking with you

I’m the light now and talking with the new.

I hold on with the hopes of better

I’ve taken it bold and sticken with you.

Its wrong but the history is grand

Each memory is a speckle of sand

I’ve become hurt by the pain this has all caused

I’m sorry for everything but im just not sane

I’ve cried a many tear

I’m subside within nothing but fear

I can’t speak until the moment is right

I seek something more then just a school conversation.

This heart is broken from words of others

Its just flys and flutters.

I’m ending with a bang

And telling you that im simply still not sane.

Goodbye from the past and goodbye to the future

These years have gone fast

So before I must go i want to say

I wish it could have some chance to last.

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