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The metamorphosis

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In chapter one, Gregor Samsa awakes one morning to finds out that he has been transformed into a giant insect. As soon as he realizes that he’s a bug, he also finds out that he overslept. His parents and his sister Grete try to wake him up so he can make it to his job as a traveling salesman. The family depends on him for its livelihood. When a clerk from his company comes to his house to find out why he wasn’t at work, Gregor tried to open the do and show himself. This makes the terrified clerk run down the stairwell and Gregors family becomes shocked. Grete, Gregor’s sister takes care of Gregor more than her family. She feeds him and cleans his room. But after the family realizes that they all need to get jobs, everyone pays less attention to Gregor. But when he gets out of his room, that’s when everyone gives their attention to him. But it doesn’t help because Gregor doesn’t know how to express himself to his family. They become scared and disgusted by his appearance, so his father throws an apple at Gregor and he gets and big wound. To make some money, the family decides to take in three lodgers, using Gregors room to store all the extra furniture. Yet the family does leave Gregors door slightly open in the evenings, so that he can see what is going on in the household. One evening, the lodgers hear Grete practicing her violin. They call her into the living room, so she can play in front of them. Since Gregor loves her playing so much that he creeps out and starts walking towards her, trying to tell her that he sees her talent and will help it blossom. After the lodgers see Gregor, they start yelling and asking why haven’t they been seen this insect before. Then they say that because of this incident they will not pay the rent and leave immediately the next day. This is the breaking point for the family. Grete declares that they cannot take care of Gregor anymore and if this would be

the real Gregor then he would leave the house. After all the talking they decide that they have to get rid of him. Unfortunately they don’t get to see him after that night, because he dies. After a second of mourning, the father tells the lodgers to leave immediately. Then they move to the countryside. At the end, the author describes a beautiful, sunny day, and Grete’s parents think of finding her a husband.

In the beginning, when Gregor is transformed, you can definitely see that he is not surprised at all. He becomes an insect and the only thought that bothers him is the fact that he cannot get up for work. This implies that his job is his first priority and being an insect does not surprise him at all. There are three points in chapter one to back up this idea. After he starts to feel an ache on his body, he begins to think, “Oh God, he thought, what an exhausting job I’ve picked on!” Then he looks at the clock and realizes that he overslept and missed the train. He starts worrying about how he will get to work. Last example is when a clerk from his company comes to his house, Gregor is not worried at all by his appearance and he tries to open the door to show the clerk the reason he didn’t come to work. Naturally, the clerk was horrified and ran away.

After Gregor woke up and felt an ache on his body, he immediately remembered that he has a job, which he absolutely hates. If this had happened to a normal person, the person would probably have a heart attack. At first he talks about his new body and then he starts rambling on about his work. This shows his indifference to the situation and that he accepts this transformation like it was supposed to happen.

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After he’s done thinking of how much he hates his job, he realizes that he is late for work. How can you be worried about getting to work, when you just turned into an insect? It looks like the more he is worried about his job; the closer he gets to fully transforming into a bug. His indifference gives a push to his metamorphosis. For example, when he tries to get out of his room to get to work, his voice starts to change. When he yells to his mother that he’ll be right now, she even notices the change in his voice.

At last, when a clerk from his company comes to his house, Gregor is worried about getting the door open so he can show him why he didn’t come to work. The thought that everyone might be horrified didn’t even cross his mind. The only thing that he thought about is getting out, showing why he was late and getting to work. This situation repeats in this story, when he decides to come out of his room while his sister is playing the violin. He also does not think that it will scare his family, not to mention the lodgers.

Through the whole story, his family is more upset about his metamorphosis than he is. While his sister is worried about what food he wants to eat, he climbs on walls and swings from the ceiling. While his mother tries to get the furniture out of the room so it would be more comfortable for him, he is worried about the picture. Overall, the transformation was not completed until he became totally indifferent to the situation.

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