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Romeo and Juliet

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In Romeo and Juliet there were many different relationships between the characters. Some were violent (Mercutio and Tybalt) and some were loving (Romeo and Juliet). Many were more complex than others, but each one was important in it’s own way. One relationship that was quite complex was Juliet and the Nurse’s relationship, while Juliet relationship with her mother was simple. Juliet’s relationship with Nurse was much better than her relationship with her mother. There are many aspects, which prove this true…

First of all, Juliet felt much more comfortable talking with the Nurse, than she did with her mother. Juliet told the Nurse of her love for Romeo, but she didn’t even consider talking to her mother about it. The Nurse and Juliet were so comfortable that they would tease each other constantly. When Juliet was around her mother she tried to act all proper and such, which proves that they were not informal like Juliet and the Nurse. This is how Juliet felt more comfortable talking with the Nurse.

Juliet’s mother made her do things that were in her own best interests, not in Juliet’s. She decided when it was time for Juliet to be wed, and she didn’t give Juliet much of a choice. Then she tried to force Juliet to marry Paris even though Juliet was opposed to the idea, and she voiced this opinion. Juliet’s mother just wanted her to marry Paris because it would be good for the Capulet family. “By my count, I was your mother much upon these years. That you are now a maid. Thus in brief The valiant Paris seeks you for his love.” � Juliet’s Mother. Juliet’s mother seemed quite selfish, when it came to helping her daughter make decisions.

The Nurse also respected Juliet’s decisions unlike her mother. When the Nurse was asked to go deliver a message to Romeo, she did so. Yet when Juliet told her mother that she did not want to marry Paris, she forced her to do so. “Ay, sir; but she will none, she gives you thanks. I would the fool were married to her grave.”- Juliet’s Mother. In the beginning when Juliet asked the Nurse to find out who that young man was, she did so without question. That is how the Nurse respected Juliet’s decisions.

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Juliet and the Nurse clearly had a better relationship than Juliet and her mother. Juliet and the Nurse’s relationship was based on love and they trusted each other. “Peace, I have done. God mark thee to his grace! Thou wast the prettiest babe that e’er I nurs’d. An I might live to see thee married once, I have my wish.”-The Nurse. They felt comfortable talking, and they respected each other’s decision. They was no fighting like between Juliet and her mother. Juliet and her mother’s relationship was feigned and it had no real love. Juliet’s mother was selfish and she didn’t care about Juliet, she only did things for herself. That is why Juliet and the Nurse had a much better relationship than Juliet and her mother.

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