Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Realism: The Loons

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As we can see in Faulkners story, realism tries to portray life in its everyday, unidealized aspects, to work with material that touches the lives of average readers, even if some events may seem bizarre. In doing so, it tends to invite us to become involved in the inner lives of characters we can see as believably like us, whatever the differences in climate or culture might be. At the same time, realism doesnt avoid using figurative language to rise expressively above the level on which we usually experience everyday life. Another fine example is The Loons by the Canadian novelist, Margaret Laurence. Here, the function of we in A Rose for Emily is intensified to an I point of view, drawing us into Vanessa McLeods poignant childhood encounter with a French half-breed girl, Piquette Tonnerre.

Immediately, we can see realisms penchant for getting the facts right. The story leads off with two paragraphs of background detail, preparing the stage for the culturally deprived Piquette Tonnerres sudden appearance in the third. Vanessa McLeod, who enjoys ample middle-class security and a close relationship with her doctor father, then reveals her inability as an eleven-year-old to help cure Piquettes desperate situation. Because of the details first given, however, we can readily understand Piquettes defensive truculence, when she blurts out, I aint a kid, though shes only two years older than Vanessa.

Dr. McLeod and Vanessa appreciate the wild loons, the phantom birds which are separated by aeons from our neat world of summer cottages, whose cries are plaintive, and yet with a quality of chilling mockery. This perhaps aids us in understanding Piquette; her large dark unsmiling eyes have seen some emotionally brutalizing things that Vanessa hasnt. Five years later, however, after her fathers death and her first year away at college, a more mature Vanessa, reflecting on the news of Piquettes tragic death, concludes that Piquette might have been the only one, after all, who had heard the crying of the loons.

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