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There is a child that has been neglected throughout his entire life and the only thing that he has ever found satisfaction in is music. As he grows into a young man his choice for styles of music he listens to changes. He starts to listen to R&B as well as rap, versus the Barney and Sesame Street music that he is used to. The rap music digs deep into his brain as pleasant, the way that he should live. So he begins to live by it. Everything that the music says he does. Through everything that was said and done, he finds himself behind the bars of the Memphis Correctional Facility with the charges of possession of narcotics, assault with a deadly weapon, and above all things two counts of attempted murder. Censorship is a very sensitive subject especially if you are in addressing it in the direction of the younger generation of today’s society. It holds great controversy, as explained in the article Curbing the Sexploitation Industry written by Tipper Gore, in America today. In the article written by Sam Brownback, Free Speech Lyric, Liberty, and License, he jumps from topic to topic trying to get them to go toward the same direction. This subject has been the downfall and the uprising of the world of entertainment. The causes and consequences that is discussed in the two persuasive pieces written by Tipper Gore and Sam Brownback, has put some ease to the troubling mind or our troubling acts of society. Gore has an outstanding argument and she backs it up with impressive evidence. She has the stronger argument, no doubt.

The pathos of Gore’s topic is very effective on her readers. She uses stories to support her topics. For example when she states that “a five year old boy from Boston

recently got up from watching a teen slasher film and stabbed a two year old with a butcher knife” (444). She has a distinct way of building her readers by being blunt. She doesn’t sugar coat anything for her readers. She states, “We don’t need to put a childproof cap on the world, but we do need to remind the nation that children live in it, too” (44). This stresses the importance of censorship on the younger generation. She is relaying how the downfall of the youth is in grave danger and it can easily be fixed. She also addresses the adults by asking the question “Do we not see the problems that our children go through” (448)? This explains Gore’s feelings on this topic as well. She has a strategy of going to the core of the problem, the adults, and fixing it. That successively worked.

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The pathos of Brownback is very interesting as I read it thoroughly. He has more of an emphasis on liberty involving speech that speech involving liberty. He addresses the youth as well, but he does it by quoting rock artists. An example is when he quotes Marilyn Manson, “Music is such a powerful medium now. The kids don’t even know who the President is, but they know what’s on MTV. I think if anyone like Hitler or Mussolini were alive now, they would have to be rock stars” (44). He also sends a message to the youth by saying, “…no one spends more time listening to music then young people” (448). He also states that statistics, “that the average teenager listens to music around four hours a day” (448). After that comment, he states another important one “. less than an hour is spent on homework or reading, less than twenty minutes a day

talking to Mom, and less than five minutes talking to Dad” (448). Every point he makes he puts refers back to the youth and links them to the modern styles, shock rock and rap.

By him addressing the youth, which still doesn’t mean when he is put in a category with Gore, he is going to win. Gore has a very strong pathos.

When talking about logos, Gore’s is simply, the welfare of the young society of today. She is just trying to protect them from some of the harmful things that the world conveys through music. She is trying to give the heads up on what one of the problems are and one of the solutions on how to make it better. There is a lack of understanding between that older generation and the younger generation. Gore is trying to reach the older generation by using the topics of the younger generation. Brownback has three different topics all linked to one topic. He speaks on the liberties of the society and he stresses media. Well everything that is watched on television isn’t always what is true about the younger generation, Mr. Brownback! He wants to have a more controlled world than Gore. That’s going to be a very hard thing to do, because of the controversy that comes with the topic. Gore’s argument is much stronger, because her argument is far more realistic that Brownback’s.

Refer to the ethos between the two authors they both agree that the youth is one of the most important topics to address, as the other one is the adult crowd. There is a difference between them as stated before. Gore is relaxed about the freedom of the youth, while Brownback is focused on eliminating, or more controlling the freedom of them. This is the impressions that these two articles reflects on me in general that is two of the most important subjects that is written about.

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