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Tony Schwartz’s article “Going Postal” summarizes the negative effects that email has had on people’s lives. No one (unless they haven’t experienced email) can deny the impact that it has on lives and the time it takes to manage it. These problems are real, however everyone needs to find a balance between life and e-mail.

In his article, Schwarz concedes that email has an addictive quality and the more it is experienced and used, the more time it takes to manage it. Many people learn to “multi-task” and manage email while talking on phones or to others. It is hard for us not to resist the urge to feel good about the amount of emails we receive although much of it may be “junk mail” or jokes of bad taste. We secretly enjoy the number of emails we receive as it reaffirms our importance and “we keep coming back for the reward.”

Email has made our life more portable so that when we’re away from the office we can still be in touch as we find it hard to resist the urge to stay away from the computer and out of contact. Email takes away the personal communication in a way according to Schwartz; it allows us to give an immediate response often with high emotions that if given time we would respond after we had time to digest the sender’s thoughts. It allows a response the recipient cannot get the entire message, as the message doesn’t contain our body mannerisms or tone of voice.

Schwartz touches on the many negatives of email, but doesn’t give suggestions on how to manage it or other solutions to the growing problem. He almost describes the issue as an out of control toddler that keeps on growing and is unmanageable. Schwarz did visit with several people during his article who themselves have tried various ways to manage it, but with little success. Overall, no real solutions were provided.

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This is a good article for someone who has had none or a little experience with email as it provides a good summary and understanding of the evils of email as well as some of the addictive qualities.

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